Christopher’s Inspiring Story About Determination

It was after a holiday to Norway when Christopher sat down and looked at some pictures that he realised he had let himself go and didn’t look healthy anymore. Always being a bigger kid at school and after a few accidents as an adult, he stopped exercising and put on even more weight. Working as a train driver, with fast food outlets all around the office. At 5ft10 and that weight was not something he had ever desired to be in. Christopher decided to take the problem by the horn, he switched to a gym closer to work so it wouldn’t be easy to make excuses not to go.

“I got some advice and started training. I started to be more consistent with my diet and made the right choices. Slowly the weight started to drop off. I was lifting fairly decent numbers and training about 3-5 days a week. There were times where I wanted to give up, where I wanted to eat a massive pizza instead of chicken and broccoli, there were times where I wanted to get an extra few hours in bed rather than go to the gym before work at silly o’clock in the morning, but I pushed through it and ultimately it showed.

“Christopher was on a great track, but when he had lost around 28kg, he realised that it had stagnated. He arrived at Beasted, with little to no motivation left. “I saw Beasted advertised and I thought there is no better team to help me get my motivation back than Eddie, Chris and Luke. During Beasted I gave it my all, I threw in 1000%. I never missed a session.”

Christopher faces challenges in his everyday life.

“I went to a wedding and brought my own food. The wedding cake looked amazing as well and I didn’t even budge on my diet, despite that people looked at me like I was crazy.” Christopher stuck to his diet, doing meal plans so he would know exactly what he was going to consume each day.

“I would be invited out on nights out with friends and family, but have to turn them down because I would have to be in bed by 7 pm most days (due to work and making sure I had enough time before to eat). “In 4/5 weeks Christopher had lost an additional 8kg which got him down to 104.1kg, the lightest weight he has been in his adult life.

“There were several things that inspired me, one was Eddie’s transformation when he really slimmed down. In terms of body types and composition (whilst he makes me look like his kid brother standing next to him) is very similar to me, and if he could do it so could I. I would constantly look at the great bodybuilders, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorrian Yates, and admire their work ethic and self-discipline. I try to take lessons they learned and instil them into my own mind in order to get to where I want to be. I constantly look back on a picture from where I started and say to myself I will never go back to that. ”

“I’m currently using Oblivion and I find that quite effective during my workout, as I feel it’s giving me a slight edge on my workouts. With the creatine boost and the protein during my workout, I feel less sore afterwards. I’ve also started taking Whey8x protein to help hit my protein targets for the day, which I take after my workout. ”

Christopher’s goal now is to get down to about 90/95kg and he’s currently floating around 105/106kg. His next goal is to get much leaner and gain a stronger physique. Potentially swapping out the training to go down a bodybuilding route as opposed to strength, but that’s something he’ll think about in the future once he gets down to 90kg.