• Lab Series Thermo Vegan

    £19.99 £15.99

    90 tablets – 45 servings

    • Burn fat!
    • Couple with LAB Series CLA
    • Suitable for Men and Women
    • Scientifically Formulated for RESULTS!
    • Amazing results with one cycle (1 Tub)
  • Oblivion plus Electrolytes



    • Zero Carbs
    • Zero Sugar
    • Zero Fat
    • Zero Digestion
    • Zero Fibre
    • Boosted with Electrolytes

    Myo-Band’s Oblivion is a powerful next-generation INTRA- and POST-workout recovery drink, which is fast acting and fully absorbed with zero digestion.

  • Whey Protein


    2.25kg / 75 Servings

    RRP: £80

    Ultimate Great British Whey product
    Manufactured in the UK
    Rapid absorption of protein
    Suitable for everyone including athletes
    Amazing Taste – add 150ml water or milk for a stronger taste

    GMP Quality Assurance

  • Diet Plus Pack

    • Low in Carbs, Fat and Sugars
    • Helps aid weight loss
    • Energy booster
    • High protein milkshake
    • Great tasting and mixes instantly
    • Perfect product for your summer body!
    • *Due to stock shortage of Thermo, pack includes Thermo Vegan instead.



Welcome to Myo-Band™.

We are a UK-based, food supplement formulation company, co-manufacturing nutritional products and protein snacks. We also operate successfully in the US, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Myo-Band is represented by athletes such as the World Strongest Man 2017, Eddie Hall; Bodybuilding legend and current Arnold Classic Mr China, 75 kg Champion Master Lin Pei Qui; Championship Rugby teams HK RFC Sparkles and Quakes just to name a few.

About Us

At Myo-Band, we believe in producing superior supplements that benefit our nutrition. Our formulation team focus on great taste, best quality ingredients and highest nutritional values. We only want you to consume the best products.

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