The intra-workout carbohydrate you need!

 AUTHOR: Fitness Director - Gareth Sapstead

In the previous article we covered the best source of amino acids to take during your workouts, and how casein hydrolysate represents the gold-standard of intra-workout protein juices. You may recall how we mentioned briefly that in order to support those amino acids in getting to work then you need to manage insulin. 

Insulin is one of the body’s most anabolic hormones and among other things acts to reduce protein breakdown. It also controls the uptake of those important amino acids, like the hydrolysed casein that powers Oblivion. This is easy to do after your workouts simply a high glycemic index carbohydrate coupled with some fast-acting proteins, but during your workouts it’s a little harder to accomplish.  

During your strength and bodybuilding workouts it’s largely a non-insulin mediated uptake responsible shuttling those amino acids to where they’re needed (having a sustained muscle “pump” assists with this). So, in large part having excess levels of your standard high-glycemic carbohydrates (e.g., dextrose) won’t be much use. Plus, you don’t want to be spiking your insulin levels sky-high before or during your workouts as that’ll just kill your energy and make you crash!

Hydrolysed casein can elicit a higher insulin response than most other protein sources, and won’t have you crashing. But, another “secret" strategy is to include a specially designed carbohydrate that’ll both fuel amino acid uptake and sustain your energy levels, but without the unwanted crash. 

Cluster Dextrin (highly branched cyclic dextrin) is a relatively new carbohydrate supplement, but one receiving a lot of good press in the elite athletic and bodybuilding world. Largely because of the intense muscle pumps and workouts these people are achieving, and without crashing hard afterwards.

Cluster dextrin is created from the enzymatic breakdown of starch to form clusters of sugar molecules. These “clusters” are then formed into long chains using branching enzymes. Hence the name “highly branched cyclic dextrin” or “HBCD” for short. 

This cutting-edge carbohydrate is unique in that it has low osmolarity but with a high molecular weight. That means it spends less time in your stomach than other carbohydrate sources, meaning it’s easier to digest just during your workouts allowing fast but sustained delivery to muscles. Quite simply, HBCD will drive amino acid uptake towards your muscles, and sustainably fuel your workouts better than any other carbohydrate source.

That means better-performing and more intense workouts, more calories burned and more muscle being built.


The ultimate intra-workout

Your workouts are an amazing opportunity to drive amino acids directly towards your muscles where they can get to work. In the previous article we covered some of the science behind intra-workout amino acids and the best type to use. The right carbohydrate source helps to augment that, while also helping you to workout longer and harder. MYOBAND Oblivion mixed with MYOBAND Carbs are the ultimate intra-workout protocol for those serious about their workouts and results. We recommend starting with one full serving of Oblivion mixed with 50g (2 scoops) of Carbs. Increase the amount of Carbs to 3 or 4 scoops during each workout according to your workout volume and efforts.