What is Eddie Halls Daily Routine?


Eddie Hall tells us about his daily routine. Eddie’s routine is pretty simple. “I have my eggs and bacon, porridge, I will go to the gym. Basically for me training, you need fuel, you need carbohydrates. I have a lot of carbohydrates in my breakfast, I will have some toast, I will have bananas, porridge and that will fuel me for my session.

In my eyes as soon as you pick a weight up, even if you do one bicep curl, you have ripped that muscle and your body is craving protein. So from the word go, I will have an Oblivion product as soon as I get in to the gym, I will have it all the way through my session. Usually for an entire session I will take a bout 6 scoops and mix it with Cranberry juice, diet Cranberry juice, this way I am still getting a little bit of carbohydrates in there to fuel my session, but I am getting plenty of protein to fuel my muscles to be recovered.

At the end of the session I always have a litre of full fat milk, get the fats in, get the little bit of carbs back in and obviously a lot of protein, mix that with the 8X Whey. I am getting plenty of protein, from the start of my session till the end with Oblivion and protein shake I am getting well over 100 grammes of protein, which is absolutely perfect for a man my size and then obviously I get home, and then it is dinner time so I am getting another hit of protein again.

Sometimes if I am feeling a little bit down, a little bit fatigued, I will have another couple of scoops of Oblivion sort of mid afternoon, just to top my self up and make sure I am getting the right amount of protein in per day.”

Tell us about your daily routine below, and do you share any habits with Eddie Hall in your daily routine?