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For limited time only, we have released a bundle for Father's Day. As dads age, supplements play a more important part in their diet as we naturally eat less and our tastes becomes more refined to preferred foods.  

Health risks increase as dads age and the usual issues include joint, heart, diabetes, plus many more ailments. The Father’s Day bundle includes science backed prevention support for their later years and are in tablet/ capsule form for the dads who want ease of use.

For the younger dads, twenties or thirties, these conditions may seem like a distant and perhaps unlikely prospect. But in truth, how a man lives his life during his younger decades can have a profound effect on his health in the years that follow. So go ahead, treat your dad, treat your other half, treat yourself!

LAB Series Multivitamins and Minerals tablets provide all-round nutritional support for adults in a convenient and economical One-a-Day tablet. No matter what active life you are living, this is the multivitamin tablet that will enable you to achieve your best! Take a look at the ingredients and you’ll know our Multivitamin tablets have everything you need to supplement your daily micronutrients requirements.

What are the Benefits of Vitamins?

Each tablet contains seven essential vitamins, including vitamins A, C, D3, E and the B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin and niacin), which come with a whole range of health benefits.

Vitamin A and C both contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Riboflavin helps the maintenance of normal skin, vision, normal function of the nervous system and normal energy-yielding metabolism. Thiamine contributes to the healthy function of the heart and important psychological functions. We get most of our vitamins from a healthy daily balance diet however there are certainly great benefits to spend a little and consume a multivitamin every day to provide you with the insurance on your vitamin intake should you fall short on a particular day.


LAB Series Glucosamine & Marine Collagen has been formulated to provide healthy physical movements. Glucosamine is a chemical that is produced naturally in the body. The natural ageing process and trauma can, unfortunately, restrict the body’s ability to replenish glucosamine stores. For this reason, some people find supplementation to be beneficial, especially those who like to remain active. Myo-Band has also added in high concentrations of collagen to help boost healthier physical movements.

What are the benefits of Collagen?
Collagen is a protein made up of amino-acids: glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine. Ligaments and tendons are other types of connective tissue that attach two bones and muscles, holding them together. These tissues – bones, ligaments, tendons, and the skeletal muscles are made up of proteins, where collagen is one of the main proteins involved. Collagen has also been linked to healthier skin and is used widely not just in supplements but in anti-ageing cosmetics and whilst these products work externally on your body, our LAB Series Glucosamine & Marine Collagen helps aid from the inside out.


Omega 3 Fish Oils contain 1000mg of the purest, highest quality fish oil available in every soft gel.

You have probably seen it on TV and read about it, in a magazine. There is one fat you want to eat more of and that is – omega-3 fatty acids. Two crucial ones – EPA and DHA, primarily found in certain fish, usually the fatty, cold-water fish. ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), another omega-3 fatty acid, is found in plant sources such as nuts and seeds. Not only does your body need these fatty acids to function, but also they deliver some big health benefits.

What are the benefits of supplementing with Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids?

Decreases your risk of heart diseases by decreasing your blood fat – triglyceride levels. Other health benefits with some research behind the claims include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Depression, Alzheimer, Dementia and Asthma. The first benefit alone is good enough to up your Omega 3 intake.

Most people don’t get enough Omega 3’s in their diet and this especially applies to those eating processed foods regularly and low in foods like oily fish and nuts. Supplementation with Omega 3’s can help to boost your intake levels of these essential oils.


Mental Focus - our very own formulated nootropic that will help any father power their mental abilities and aid them with memory functions well into their later years. With carefully selected and correctly dosed ingredients based on extensive research, Mental Focus will help you feel more alert, think more clearly, enhance overall cognitive function and keep you focused on what is important. With a whopping 20mg of Huperzine per capsule and 4250mg of Ginseng, it is by far the most potent capsule on the market.


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Fathers Day Deal

Fathers Day Deal