Thank you for purchasing the world's first protein juice - Oblivion. 

A note for existing Oblivion users - we have recently changed to a 100% recyclable pouch, where we have decided to ditch the plastic scoop to move toward using less plastics. If you do need a scoop, please add the scoop during checkout.

From your feedback, we have also taken this opportunity to change the serving size from a 16g to a 25g serving, where each serving will provide 21g of protein. However, if you are used to the previous serving size of 16g, then please use 2 and half heaped table spoons or if you are using the plastic scoop, then it's the usual 1 heaped scoop. 

16g Serving = 2 and half heaped table spoons or 1 heaped plastic scoop.

Best served with 400-500ml water.

25g Serving = 4 heaped table spoons or 2 level plastic scoops.

Best served with 500-600ml water.


So why did we initially have the 16g serving and why have we changed the serving size to 25g? 

Well, this is because of the fact that - 'Not all proteins are equal'. 

The world of protein is as complex as the stars in the sky. There are many consumable protein sources in the market and these are usually categorised from where they are sourced. Examples of the main categories include dairy (cows, goats, sheep etc), Plant (pea, rice, soy etc) and even insect proteins! Now to make the subject even more complicated, each category have various types or protein  in each category! Now that is a lot of proteins to fathom. 

On this page, we won't go too much into detail on all the proteins, rather we will expand more on the more common protein 'juice' that can be found in the market.

So to answer why we initially had 16g as a serving? Broadly answering this question, is that 16g Oblivion serving will provide you with similar amount of the protein you would absorb with a 20g Whey protein. We'll explain a little more later. 

Why have we changed to a 25g serving? because we listened to our customers, who wanted at least 20g of protein. So to make sure we cover all bases, you can now either have 16g or 25g per serving, as advised above. 


Not all proteins are equal

What’s all the hype around clear whey, clear protein, and other protein juice products to hit the market recently? As the inventors of the protein juice market with our flagship product Oblivion being engineered over 8 years ago, we thought we’d clear up the confusion over the protein juice frenzy. Here’s what you need to know and what products you should choose. 


What is protein juice?


Quite simply, all products such as Clear Whey (for example sold by: MyProtein, Applied Nutrition, PhD), generic clear proteins, and Oblivion (MYOBAND) are all under the banner of being a protein “juice”. That is, a refreshing and light protein juice, rather than a protein shake with a heavier and milkier consistency. For that reason alone many prefer to drink them during and after their workouts as they go down a little easier. But, that’s where the similarities end.


Clear whey and other clear proteins


Both clear whey and clear protein products are the same. Depending on what the brand decides to call their product the primary ingredient is the exact same. Many of the ingredients added in lesser quantities tend to be similar too, and in many cases the exact same (no prizes for innovation there!).


The primary ingredient found in clear whey and clear protein products is a hydrolysed whey protein. This helps create the “clear” juice-like drink you might be familiar with, and allows flavours like orange and red berries to not turn into a more milkshake-type drink if another other protein were to be used. Hydrolysed proteins also provide a very high quality and concentration of protein with minimal fats and carbs. More on hydrolysed proteins a little later.


Besides hydrolysed whey being the primary ingredient, there are ingredients added to clear whey and clear protein products that are simply for colour, flavour and texture. For example, sweeteners and anti-foaming agents. These tend to be the only extra ingredients in these products with the only “active” ingredient you’ll benefit from using being the hydrolysed whey. There’s nothing wrong with that if you’re just seeking a hydrolysed whey in refreshing protein juice form. If you’re looking to boost your total daily protein intake using a fast-acting protein then it’s a good choice.


Oblivion protein juice



Much like clear whey and clear protein products Oblivion is a refreshing protein juice. As mentioned before, though, that’s where the similarities start and end. Oblivion Plus is a mixture of hydrolysed casein (we’ll discuss this in just a minute), alongside added branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s), l-glutamine, creatine monohydrate and electrolytes. It’s a protein juice where each ingredient has been carefully selected to work in unison to maximize delivery of amino acids, kickstart muscle-protein synthesis, and promote optimal recovery.


Hydrolysed proteins (both whey and casein) consist of proteins that are predigested and partially hydrolysed so they can be used by your body much faster. They’re a complete protein source meaning your muscles get exactly what they need and at the speed they need it.


Now, under normal circumstances a whey protein is a “faster” protein compared to the much “slower” casein. And you’d be right. Casein is also a more expensive protein and in shorter supply than whey. But, when hydrolysing casein then something special happens. Your body is able to metabolize hydrolysed casein as fast as hydrolysed whey. Not only can your body access these amino acids faster to start working, but hydrolysed casein acts much like its non-hydrolysed form in that it sustains the supply of amino acids for a longer duration. So, quick and rapid “hit” followed by a long-duration “drip feed”. This means hydrolysed casein can get to work even faster and for longer to help to cut cortisol, increase energy, and optimise muscle protein balance. 


Casein hydrolysate represents the gold standard of intra- and post-workout proteins. It’s the main driving force behind Oblivion, alongside the likes of heavily research-backed creatine monohydrate (more in creatine HERE) and other active ingredients to create a more complete formula to promote recovery and get the full benefits from intense and frequent training. 


As you can see from the below graph, for the particular amino acid Leucine, you can clearly see that one of Oblivion's main ingredients - Hydrolysed Casein stays in your body for longer, which allows you to absorb more protein over time rather than Whey, which in essence passes through your body very quickly, where absorption is minimised to a short time period. 


For a recovery product that has been designed to support amino acid functions and get the best results, we at MYOBAND would prefer to use Oblivion as a recovery protein than any other protein 'juice' on the market. 

Not all protein juices are the same. You can read more about Oblivion Plus HERE.




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