MYOBAND Athletes

MYOBAND athletes are essential to our team. They help MYOBAND test new products, provide advice on nutrition and fitness, explain more on products to our customers, write articles and more!
Our team includes Jennifer West, Gareth Sapstead, Justin St Paul, Jonpaul Vital and Alain Ngalani. Scroll to select which athlete you would like to know more about and watch their stories.
Jen West

Born in Stoke on Trent, Jennifer West grew up in a big family including a twin sister. Although her family was more into music, Jen always loved sports. She used to practice gymnastics in her bedroom from a young age and even broke the ceiling which fell through to the music room downstairs! Jen soon realised she was naturally strong, as she could beat all the boys in her year at an arm wrestle as well as her older brother’s friends.

Around 20 years old, Jen and her twin sister Lucy set up their own private cheerleading squad. They both loved practicing weekly with the team and running shows. A couple years later, Jen began going to the gym for the first time with a friend. Although she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after school, it became clear to her she loved fitness and naturally understood all things ‘gym’! West soon decided that she wanted to be a personal trainer and started doing qualifications. She enjoyed helping people reach their goals and giving them confidence!

Jen took part in The Challenge and Survival of the Fittest on MTV where she was pushed and challenged in so many ways. The skills she picked up during these experiences were ones she felt would be beneficial to pass on to her clients.

Jen soon learnt that training isn’t just to change how you look, it’s to improve your body health, strength, and mentality. “It’s to learn to respect your body and what it can do for you. To make it healthier and stronger not just for now but for your future.” Jennifer West set up a brand called ‘Future Proof Fitness’ which preaches the importance of diet and personal training workout plans.

Jen met Chi, the owner of MYOBAND in Euston by chance. He was very passionate about a product he had called Oblivion and claimed it helped with recovery. Interested in anything that could help her gain the edge over competitors, Jen took two months’ supply with her for filming. She found that the products were in fact such high quality and there was nothing like them on the market! Oblivion helped her recover faster, with less aches and pains.

Jennifer West went on to win that season of The Challenge and got in touch with Chi as soon as she got back to say that she needs to share these products with her followers! MYOBAND continues to blow Jen away with the care that they put into their products and is excited to see what is yet to come.

Gareth Sapstead has a master’s degree in strength and conditioning science and a bachelor’s degree in sports and exercise science, and he holds the NSCA CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certification. In the fitness industry since 2005, he has worked with elite soccer players, professional rugby union athletes, and teams across the United Kingdom and Europe as a strength and conditioning specialist. He has also trained Fortune 500 global executives as well as various high-profile clients, physique competitors, and plenty of ordinary people with “dad bods.” He is also currently the official Trainer for BBC studios, London.

Gareth's name and articles have appeared on some of the world’s leading fitness and bodybuilding websites, including T-Nation, Muscle & Strength, Muscle & Fitness, and Livestrong, among others. He is the co-author of The Complete Running and Marathon Book (Dorling Kindersley), and author of Ultimate Abs: The Definitive Guide to Developing a Chiseled Six-Pack (Human Kinetics). He’s a published researcher in the field of exercise performance and has presented at numerous academic conferences.

In his personal life Gareth is a self-confessed coffee nerd, and enjoys long country walks with his French bulldog Ozzie!

Justin St Paul grew up with an unwavering obsession for sports from a very early stage, playing on every team and competing at every event he could get my hands on, from football and rugby, to track and field. It was only natural that as he grew older his interest in to how to improve personal performance developed, leading him to study Exercise Sciences at both college and University. Quickly learning that his efforts outside of competing were what would lead to progress prompted Justin to start weight training and focusing on nutrition for the first time.

After training for 4 years, from college (17) to halfway through University, competitive sports had taken a back seat as he had been introduced to the world of competitive bodybuilding. Justin entered his first show at 21 as a complete novice and walked away with the 1st Place Overall Trophy. He had caught the bug and begin to focus all efforts on the world of competing, going on to win a second show the following year.

Since then, Justin has gone on to compete all over the world, with top placings on huge international stages such as Vegas, Los Angeles and Dubai. While doing so he has also used his knowledge and experiences to PT and Coach a wide range of clients to their goals, both inside and outside the world of competitive bodybuilding.

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