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We develop and co-manufacture food supplements, nutritional products and protein snacks. Based in the UK, we also operate successfully in the US, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Myo-band products are used by sportspeople and athletes such as the Bodybuilding legend and current Arnold Classic Mr China, 75 kg Champion Master Lin Pei Qui, Championship Rugby teams HK RFC Sparkles and Quakes as well as ordinary individuals with a goal of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

We are the proud inventors of Oblivion, the world's first protein juice. You should try our new chocolate protein bar which packs 25g of protein, with 0g sugar, our 82% protein whey isolate, Hulk ultra-lean mass gainer, a tasty Greens Superfoods and Mental Focus, a nootropic that will enhance how productive you can be. We are focused on increasing your performance and improving your health.


Myo-Band's formulation team focus on great taste using top quality ingredients with the highest nutritional values. We only want our customers to consume the very best products. We originally developed a range of protein-based products as protein is one of the major macronutrients essential for us to live and function effectively.

Many people associate protein products such as protein shakes and protein powder with bulking up muscle. However, protein also plays a much bigger role in body function, enzyme production and maintenance of healthy skin, hair and much more!



The company was founded with a mission to bring consistent quality to the marketplace and we are constantly working on setting even higher standards. We’ve been disrupting the sports nutrition and supplementation market since our birth. In addition to creating an entirely new product category of protein juice which remains dominated by our Oblivion Plus, we continue researching and testing ingredients in order to create game-changing, scientifically-backed products whilst retaining our market-leading taste. We’re about #ScienceDrivenPerformance, not fads, and we take pride from delivering market-leading products to suit everyone. Every product we formulate is backed by research and science.

We pride ourselves on formulating the best sports nutrition and food supplement products using the highest quality ingredients with transparency and traceability at the heart of everything we do. We formulate and test every single one of our products to ensure we uphold our certification for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Even before a single machine is turned on during manufacturing, premium raw ingredients are carefully selected and a Certificate of Analysis produced for each and every ingredient which is then tested and re-tested for compliance.

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