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The Beast Pack




Choose your HULK flavour – 2.25kg Tub

Choose your Oblivion flavour – 480g Tub

Lab Series Omega 3 Fish Oil – 90 Softgels

Lab Series Creatine Monohydrate – 90 Tablets



As used by Eddie Hall, World’s Strongest Man 2017

Supplement your daily diet like THE BEAST!

THE BEAST PACK includes HULK, the super lean Mass Gainer. Because Eddie uses Hulk every day as part of his training routine, he took it into the TV series ‘Solitary Confinement’ as his luxury item!

THE BEAST PACK also includes the unique protein supplement Oblivion. Eddie takes Oblivion during and straight after his workouts, and it provides him with the perfect amino acid combination system. Not only does it contain high BCAA concentrations, but it also provides the full spectrum of amino acids the body requires to maximise recovery and reduce DOMs!

Within THE BEAST PACK, you also receive the added dose of Lab Series Creatine Monohydrate tablets, which Eddie uses to help aid his energy performance and a Lab Series Omega 3 Fish oil soft gels that helps to support his joints and cardiovascular system. Get your BEAST PACK and let your inner BEAST emerge!

How you use the BEAST pack is up to you as your body is the best indicator of what works for you or not. As a guideline, you can take Oblivion any time of the day but it works best when used during training. The HULK you would use any time of the day too except during training as it is milkshake based and same goes for Creatine and Omega Fish oils where you would take any time of the day and keeping to the dose advised. From existing customers, the most common use is taking the Omega 3 Fish Oils and Creatine in the morning, with one serving of
Oblivion during training and one serving of HULK straight after training. This is also accompanied by a balanced diet and enough nutrients to suit your body weight and activity levels. For balanced diet advice, you can always visit the NHS eat well website.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 30 cm

HULK Chocolate & Oblivion Red Berries, HULK Strawberry & Oblivion Blackcurrant, HULK Strawberry & Oblivion Blood Orange, HULK Strawberry & Oblivion Lemon Lime, HULK Strawberry & Oblivion Red Berries, HULK Vanilla & Oblivion Red Berries, Hulk Choc & Oblivion Blackcurrant, HULK Choc & Oblivion Blood Orange, HULK Choc & Oblivion Lemon Lime, Hulk Vanilla & Oblivion Blackcurrant, HULK Vanilla & Oblivion Blood Orange, HULK Vanilla & Oblivion Lemon Lime

19 reviews for The Beast Pack

  1. Zachery Garner (verified owner)

    This stuff is great. Protein powder tastes great and doesn’t clump up. Other supplements come with a good description and clean understandable labeling. And oblivion is AMAZING keeps your energy up while working out and cuts down on post workout soreness.

  2. Daniel Walton (verified owner)

    Definitely the best combination of products I’ve had. Definitely purchasing from here on out and also get a few free samples with your delivery which always great!

  3. Stephen Baker (verified owner)

    The intra and post workout is very fast acting I got the red berries it’s very very nice also got 2 free sachets of oblivion orange hey we’re very nice too one orang one lemon, I also love the Hulk I got vanilla very nice shake to start my day and doesn’t sit on your stomach and love that its combined with creatine and omega 3 capsules very reasonable price and have already recommended and will continue to

  4. Matt Bell (verified owner)

    Love the taste of the chocolate Hulk, really hits the spot. I also really like the lemon and lime Oblivion, being able to get the energy boost and protein hit in a squash like liquid whilst training is awesome.

  5. Jordan

    Its absolutely brilliant! The Hulk tastes so much better than I thought because I used to use basic chocolate protein powder and it tasted really bland, but this has the perfect taste to it! I love the Oblivion too! Everything in the The Beast Pack was 100% worth the money and I’ve already suggested it to some of my mates as well. The two shakers are both extremely great in quality, I love the Star Wars designs and they’re the best shakers I’ve ever had. Thank you so much, I’ll definitely be returning to order some more once all this runs out

  6. Blair Pattie (verified owner)

    The Beast Pack was exactly what I was looking for when I decided to take my training to the next level. Having the detailed & descriptive guide with each product have given me to confidence to mould these products into my daily routine. I firstly chose black current oblivion now I’ve switched to blood orange, Both fantastically tasty! Especially during workouts. I’ve ordered the Beast Pack twice in less than 2 months and will be back for more! Thank you Myo-Band team.

  7. Luke Flaxman (verified owner)

    I purchased the chocolate HULK which tastes great, but must say I’m pleasantly surprised by the oblivion of which I have the blood orange, not only tastes good but works even better with helping recovery, That much so I have signed up for the subscription of it….Great products

  8. Sam

    Very nice product and a good bundle to buy, great value for money and after finding the right balance of milk to add or water for the oblivion! Massive fan of Eddie hall and found you guys from his links on YouTube, if only I knew how he trained with his program and your supps I’d be somewhere near one day!

  9. James Howlett (verified owner)

    Really good, oblivion mixes really well and tastes great, and the hulk is lovely! Really thick and chocolatey

  10. Rhys (verified owner)

    love it! would like to be able to buy bigger though, if I follow the instructions on the pack itll only last 14 days xRHy

  11. Matthew (verified owner)

    Both of these products are spot on, the only problem I do have is that the scoops are too wide and can’t getting them into my training jugs

  12. Ricky (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the myo-band products, excellent customer service.

  13. Tim (verified owner)

    Really great, it mixes very well ,tasty and I’m very satisfied with my new choice of protein brand

  14. Joshua (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchases especially the hulk protein never bloats me and taste amazing with frozen berrys the super greens is questionable. But still drinkable everything was great and very happy tho.

  15. Dean Hobson (verified owner)

    Fantastic product definitely recommend it me and my partner uses it and definitely seen a difference

  16. Mario (verified owner)

    Hello team myo band.

    I have consumed the BEAST pack from my first purchase and it was incredible!
    I have gained 10 kilos very happy with the results the product is perfect.

  17. Anthony Drake (verified owner)

    Definitely recommend both the hulk protein and oblivion, both have fantastic taste and give you everything you need

  18. John Williamson (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and amazing flavours this pack just feels premium I ended up having to get my brother the beast pack aswell I got hulk chocolate and Bolivian orange and it’s amazing and the tablets are big aswell all in all mo problems whatsoever and the delivery was exceptionally quick thank you myoband…

  19. John Williamson (verified owner)

    Hulk chocolate and oblivian orange amazing 10 stars all in the beast pack is excellent

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