Protein Juice vs Protein Shake

Protein is your greatest muscle-building tool, so you want to make sure you handle it right. One popular way to top off your protein intake is through a drink, either a shake or juice. But what’s the difference and how do you use it for best results? Today, we here at MYOBAND weigh in on the juice vs shake debate, covering both options.

Research has shown that protein supplements significantly improve muscle size and strength in healthy adults who perform resistance exercise training. Protein Shakes, such as Myo-Band’s Hulk, is designed to help gain weight and develop lean muscles without excess fat or bulk. The recommended daily intake of protein for people aged 19 years and over is 46 g for women and 56 g for men. If you are an athlete or a weight lifter, you may need to exceed your recommended daily intake. According to British Nutrition Foundation, if you are sedentary you require 0.75g protein per 1kg bodyweight, and if you are an active individual this may increase up to 2g per 1kg body weight, depending on metabolism, nature of your physical movements and other factors. A shake is a perfect solution to help you reach your daily intake and make sure that you’re providing your body with the protein it needs to build muscles. So which protein drink should you drink?

Whey8X, our Pure Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate Blend is made using an advanced cross-flow microfiltration process, at low temperatures to ensure it remains un-denatured and highly bioavailable. It is also extremely fast-acting, making it a perfect protein source immediately post-workout, or first thing in the morning with breakfast. It is great for individuals who are looking to gain lean muscles where low fat and sugar requirements are needed. It is suitable for any time of the day, and even if you don’t train, you can take this shake knowing you won’t be putting the weight on.

Myo-Band’s HULK Mass Gainer holds a 40/40/20 split of protein, which means that it holds different types of protein, that will provide your body with protein over a number of hours. HULK contains Whey Concentrate that is your fast-absorbing protein. Pure Milk Protein is a medium digestion speed protein, taking up to 6 hours to digest. Lastly, Micellar Casein is extremely slow-digesting, where is it held in the stomach to be slowly broken down once drank. This means a gradual and slow release of amino acids slowly up to a sustained 8 hour period. HULK mass gainer also contains carbohydrates that replenish your energy after training, so this is the shake of choice if your training demands a high level of energy.

Both of the above shakes are milkshake based, and in comparison to Myo-Band’s Oblivion, they are very similar in that they all provide protein. The main difference is Oblivion is light and refreshing, made with water and without the milky taste or texture. It is also already pre-digested in a highly advanced peptide-form derived directly from hydrolysed dairy protein, which holds zero carbs, sugars and fats. When consumed, it will instantly be absorbed to give the full spectrum of amino acids required to enhance strength, lean muscle and, more importantly, reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness. It has been formulated with recovery and speed in mind, where certain amino acids are introduced to the natural amino acid-base of the hydrolysed dairy protein,  creating an immediate recovery response. It is a refreshing juice that won’t get you bloated during workouts. Once absorbed, its casein properties allow Oblivion to stay in the body longer than other proteins, such as Whey. A perfect combination of both worlds.


If we had to pick protein juices vs protein shakes then protein juices, such as Oblivion, are ahead. The fact that Oblivion can be taken during and post-workout gives it the edge above those that are aimed more for after a workout or when you really don’t fancy a milky drink. The added bonus of using a water bottle instead of being confined to a shaker also gives Oblivion the slight win. However everybody is different, and the most important thing is to find a solution that works best for you. Both alternatives effectively support muscle growth and can be used in conjunction with each other as part of a training programme. So let us know how you get on with the two!